Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things are coming together ;-)

I have 'most' of our things packed and ready to go, at least the things we can live with out for a short while. Why bother packing EVERYTHING when I'm only going to drive it over to the new place and put it right away?! And we have moving muscles lined up to help as well. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. Now some of you may not know this but I am a huge control freak and am picky about certain things, packing and organization being one.(I know my Mom is probably thinking "is this MY daughter saying this about herself"! LOL) Since B is out to sea, it is up to me to pack up the house and arrange all details related too! So to help ease my anxiety I bought packing tape that comes pre labeled with every room type, plus its colored!! An organizers dream!!!

I admit with only a few weeks to go and ZERO imput from B, I was beginning to feel the stress. I sent him some emails but got no response! Come to find out the boat has been having issues with sending and recieving email. Figures when I really NEED answers, email is down! :-(

I feel sorry for him though. When he pulled into a port I had a MILLION questions to ask in regards to the move. And I know he just wanted to hear about me and the kids! lol BUT he told me that he did infact send a reply, quickly too! Though I've yet to receive it. Part of me is resentful that I have to not only do EVERYTHING involved with moving AND get L ready for school because he's not here. But at the same time, he’d just drive me crazy when it comes to the packing! LOL This is also the THIRD summer in a row that’s he’s been gone too! On the plus side, my MIL will be taking the kids for that ENTIRE weekend!! So I think we’ll be able to get most of our stuff moved over and situated. ...and hopefully have a 'date night' or 2!