Monday, August 11, 2008

It's official!!!

I go pick up the keys to our new place on August 29th!!! Wahoo!! I'm super excited! The unit is brand spankin new!! Closests and bathrooms galore! The ONLY downside is that the kitchen, living and dining room are all one room. ;-(
And we'll need to buy a washer and dryer, again.

Oh AND we have a serious buyer interested in the house in VA!!! He's looking mortgages/lenders as we speak!! Cross your fingers that we get an offer this week!!!

B is pulling into a port this week. He'll be soo happy to hear the good news about housing. Man he would just be over the moon if we got an offer too this week!

Here's to hoping!!!



Williams Family said...

YAY!!! I am so happy for you to be getting into housing!!! I hope you get an offer as well it would make August top the charts as far as best months go! Give the kids hugs and kisses for me and I will try to give you a call within the next couple of weeks life just has been crazy for me here and I have been sooooooo tired! I just can't seem to get enough sleep and my house is still not completely put back together!!

Joe and Samantha said...

got my fingers crossed for you!