Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goings on in the new house!

Ok now that I don't have feuding children around I have some time to myself. LOL

So it seems we have all finally settled in and are somewhat on a routine. Yippee! Even L asked when we could get on a routine! WOW! The kids loove it here and there are quite a few kids in our little area here for both of them to play with. Though one thing that we are struggling with J are boundaries when he plays outside as there isn't ANY fencing or natural fence like hedges to corral him. So it seems AT LEAST once per day that he gets sent to his room for going beyond the boundaries we've set. You can tell he is sloowly getting it though. He will occasionally turn and look towards the house to see if he can see my watching him and if not, he'll slowly creep out of bounds. More often than not he spends 90% of the time within the boundary. :-) His newest act of naughtiness is peeing outside! UGH! I've caught him TWICE in the past week doing this and it ALWAYS happens when I'm busied with laundry or the phone!! NATURALLY!!

L is loving school and BOYS! Yep, she's already been asked by one boy in her class to be his girlfriend! AND she tells me that there's another boy she likes 'more than a friend'. Okay how does she possibly know what that means or is she just regurgitating what she's heard?! Whoah is me, and B for that matter! It looks like we may have to have 'The Talk' with her VERY SOON! B and I are sooo dreading THAT conversation!

In other news she has finally learned to ride her bike SANS TRAINING WHEELS!! WAHOO!
B was watching the kids while I was visiting our friend who'd just had her baby. So in a matter of about an hour or 2 she had it DOWN PAT! She spent nearly ALL DAY Saturday on that bike! We are both so relieved. I mean there've been several younger kids that have made comments about her STILL riding with training wheels, so we thought she'd never learn! And naturally we'll be sticking to our part of the bargain we made with her earlier this summer...she'll be getting a NEW bike for her birthday(possibly giving it to her early though) since she's learned to ride without the training wheels.

Sunday the kids and B went fishing with his Dad. Man they had soo much fun, even though they didn't catch but one fish. I thought for sure they'd not want to get up super early, but they both basically jumped right out of bed when daddy came into wake them to go fishing! The MINUTE they got back and had sat down for breakfast to tell me of their tales J asked if they could go fishing AGAIN! And it has been like that EVERY day! IF he could I know B would take the kids EVERY DAY! J is already showing signs of a 'true' fisherman. His new favorite thing to do is go 'fishin' in the back yard! I mean he spends a good portion of his day outside playing with his pole. He really loves to drop his line over the edge of the hill behind the house. I think he feels it's more real, than simply casting out into grass and dragging it in. Too cute!

This weekend will be another fun filled one for them both as they are headed to Grammy's house! Which means another weekend for the two of us to enjoy together as well....Dinner out Friday, a cookout on Saturday and the only thing we've planned for Sunday is coffee/breakfast on the patio! LOL ~weather permitting of course! Though while I'm happy to be around any family I get a bit sad that there's no way for us to be stationed near my parents/family.

B's back to work, though I can't complain too much about his hours. Lately he's been home before 5. And even though he's got work to do, he's setting up the VMS stuff for the boat as he did last year for the OK City, he's at least 'home' if I need him in a pinch! Which has been really nice!! There's even talk of him taking over the squadron position here or even teaching the pipeline school! He's not sure what he'd like to do, though either way he'll be able make a difference and improve upon things. Which brings me to the moving to Hawaii or not subject...

Still nothing concrete as to whether or not what he/we'll end up doing. We're right on the cusp of having to make the move(or at least B will) or not having to move. Though B's decided he'd make the most impact on his rate(his job) if he stays here in CT. So in his 'best case scenario' he'd like to have his #1 guy make CPO next year and take over his position. That way B would simply ride along to HI and hop a plane back to CT and take either job. And really it's just his way of not having to move out of our awesome house!!...

Which we STILL find ourselves saying to one another on a daily basis! On the weekends we've been having our breakfast on the patio which we'll dearly miss when the cold weather sets in for good. :-( The topic last weekend was infact about housing and how it compares to what we can get for out in town. Which got us thinking about the future, as it seems every conversation leads to these days. Now that he's made CPO we will ALWAYS qualify for a 3 bedroom unit, no matter if we have kids or they are grown! How cool is that! So once the kids do leave the nest we'll each be able to get our own room. I know MY room will be a craft room/guest room. I'm guessing he'll upgrade his garage man room and bring it indoors! LMAO!!

In other housing news, we have accepted an offer on our house in VA!!! It's not the greatest, but we'll be able to pay off the mortgage and either the van or the loan we took out for the house repairs. Either way it's a HUGE burden lifted off our shoulders. And it looks like we'll be closing in about 3 weeks!

Holy cow! This duty night has me up waaay later than I wanted or expected!

Good night to all!!