Monday, October 27, 2008


House in VA is SOLD!! Deed has been recorded, so we should be getting our proceeds by the end of TODAY! It's a mixture of emotions for us. On one hand we're so RELIEVED to get that monkey off our back, while at the same time we're quite sad to let go of our first home. :-( In the end we know it was the right decision to sell. Though it would have been nice to pull off a bit more of profit(though in THIS market we know we're lucky to come away with ANY profit!) as we were really hoping to be able to pay off the van so that we can begin to save up for B's Challenger! Ooooh, a local dealership FINALLY has one. It was B E A U T I F U L!!!! I can't wait to go out for our date nights in THAT car. What a sweet ride THAT will be!

In other news we're gearing up for the mad fury of events to the end of the year! Halloween, L's bday, Thanksgiving, MY bday, Xmas and New Years! WHEW! I'm tired just thinking about it all. The kids are getting SUPER excited about Halloween. J asks every day if today is THE day! I think he would sleep in his costume if we'd let him. lol This year he's going to be Batman, so he can punch bad guys. ~That's EXACTLY how he says it to us! L's going to be Catwoman. Do you see a theme?! Can you tell their daddy is HUGE comic book fan! And if B can get all that he needs in time we'll be dressing up too; he'll be The Joker ala Heath Ledger and I'll be Harley Quinn! Should be a FUN time. Friends of ours are even having a Halloween party so that should be a blast a well!

Last week week we had a conference with L's teacher. Of course, she had all good things to say about her! L is really strong in math(a surprise to me since I wasn't), reading and writing. We're also excited about L's teacher too after the dispointment of last year's teacher/school. She's actively looking for new ways/techniques to teach things which isn't always the case with older teachers. And L is NOT bored with the work!

Looks like we'll be hosting Thanksgiving at our house again this year. Think we're gonna bypass the traditional oven roasted bird and deep fry it instead! Oh, they come out so moist and juicy!! Mmmmm, can't wait!