Friday, December 19, 2008

I'll believe it when I see it!

So here in New England we're bracing for winter storm Austin! They are calling for 5-10 inches for us on the coast. They've even cancelled school for this impending monster. Though it's 9am and NOT ONE FLAKE of SNOW!!

They did this last year for the first BIG snow storm of the year and that back fired horribly. It didn't START snowing until at least 11am and then we only got like 2 inches total. THEN it was GONE 2 days later! Huh?!

Having grown up in Midwest this approach just seems moronic to me! I mean we'd prepare and brace ourselves for the worst, but it was more of a wait and see approach. Now I 'get' that they are simply being proactive and that IF we get all this snow that they'd rather cancel school than dismiss students right in the middle of it. BUT It hasn't even STARTED TO SNOW!

SO NOW-I'm stuck with J AND L home today and as the cruel irony of the day goes I have TONS TO DO!!! That's the OTHER Newton's Law! The day you have LOTS do will be a day your child is home from school(sick, snow day or holiday!)LOL I need to do laundry, dishes, make several dozens of cookies and get groceries for a dinner party we're having on Saturday! UGH! The one silver lined cloud is that the grocery store has babysitting services while you shop! It is such a blessing!

Well I guess I'm off to do the impossible! Ha ha!