Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My birthday, the FIRST snow of the year.....

So I've got some time and thought I'd update everyone. Really, I'm just procrastinating doing my workout on the treadmill today. I'm in a bit of a blah mood. The weather is yucky-overcast and rainy! Though there is snow in the forecast soon!
B's job is going well. He just finished getting their paperless navigation system(VMS) certified. So that is a HUGE relief for him. He's had to write it from the ground up and has spent COUNTLESS hours on his work laptop laboring on it. We have many late nights, headaches and bloodshot eyes from staring at that small screen as evidence! (seriously the screen is about 8 or 9 inches.) Now they're getting the boat ready for a tough year filled with LOTS of sea time! :-(
BUT his guys seem to be pulling together nicely with hardly any animosity between them. We are both so proud of their hard work and accomplishements thus far!! We keep trying to have them all over to celebrate and thank them, but we everyone is either too busy with work or tired from work!! LMAO!

It seems that the women in the Rowland house are spoiled with several day long birthday celebrations!! ~The boys sure do get the raw end of the deal sometimes don't they! lol This year mine started on Thursday. B surprised me by coming home for lunch. Something he does often though he literally surprised me by coming in unnoticed while I was vaccuming. He seriously gave me a heart attack! But all was forgiven when he presented me with chocolates and a card THAT WAS SIGNED! For those of you that don't know B notoriously gives me cards that are unsigned-mostly due to the fact that he is so incredibly busy that he often only has time to buy the card, let alone scribble some drippy sentiment to me. Since just to the two of us were going to celebrate dinner out over the weekend I chose chinese take out for my birthday meal. Close friends of ours even bought a cake for me! How sweet!

Friday the kids left for the weekend to Grammy's house. That night was the boat's holiday party, so B and I celebrated some more. We even went out after the party to celebrate some MORE with friends of ours! Saturday we had a lazy morning before heading out to pick up some Xmas gifts for the kids. Then that night I headed out with a friend and we treated ourselves to manicures!! The rest of the night, her and I worked on our Christmas cards at our place since it was kid free while her hubby and B played computer games at their house.

Sunday, B and I awoke to a neighbor kid yelling WOOHOO, SNOW!! Infact the first snow of the season!! Too bad it didn't last...

These are the view from our bedroom window!

Taken from the front porch.
The view from our back porch. There were TONS of kids sledding down all the hills. Too bad L and J weren't here to enjoy the snow!! They did get to play in the snow at Grammy's though.