Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Fever or Insanity?!?!

SO these past few weeks have been decent enough. B came home in time for Easter and we had an awesome day with family. Even did a scavenger hunt for the kids, which they LOVED.

The weather here in CT has broke for the most part. So long to winter(thank goodness!!) and HELLOOO Spring!! Though with it come spring fever. The kids are soooo anxious to get outside and play that I think they've seriously lost their heads!! J has gotten sent to time out for breaking various rules this past week that I've lost track and today, I just about lost MY mind!! BTW-is there a full moon near by chance?? Cause last month's is when he was exceptionally naughty too!!

He's at a an age now that I feel that I don't need to watch him EVERY minute(more like once every 5 minutes!!) while he's in the back yard playing and often times all I need to do is listen closely to know he's fine, but if I need to I can look out the window to get a quick glimpse of what he's doing. Today was just like any other. J was outside playing and was doing his thing. Then all of a sudden I hear a woman yelling, apparently at kids. Naturally, I poked my head out my back door where I was my with my neighbor who filled me in!

~J was out with a neighbor kid running around in a Power Wheel just like he's done over the past several weeks. They love going over bumps and narrowly missing toys strewn in the yard! Well today they got a WILD hair and decided to go the quad next to ours and knock on someones door! As if that wasn't enough, they did this repeatedly and even tried to GO IN to the house!! OMG!! The lady who lived there apparently asked them several times to stop knocking as she had a sleeping baby. When they didn't stop she convinced them to tell her where they lived. One of the boys spoke up and led them to my neighbors house. ~

All the while my neighbor is telling me this I'm just appalled that my son would do THAT! OMG. So we parted ways and headed inside to discipline our rowdy boys! Well after a rather lengthy discussion on what is/isn't appropriate I send J to his room, where he will remain until dinner some 3hrs away. He didn't really grasp the concept that he wouldn't be allowed to go out and play with his friends for the rest of the day or for tomorrow. Though I imagine tomorrow will be rough as it becomes painfully clear to him that he is NOT allowed outside.

This wasn't the first time today J was sent to his room for a lengthy period of time. Earlier he was sent to his room for going beyond the boundries of where he can/cannot go. THAT timeout was for 30 minutes as he did that SEVERAL times the day before!! THEN to make things even WORSE for himself, J lied about something!! So that bought him yet another day of no outside!!

It's become apparent to B and I that J is picking up so not so good habits from the neighborhood kids, so the proverbial foot is coming down and coming down hard!! Today was one of those days where you question if you are doing a good job raising/parenting your child/children. HOPEFULLY by spending the next 2 FULL days inside(with no TV also I might add) will straighten him up!!

The real kicker is that May is right around the corner and that means nearly a VERY rainy month for us here in Connecticut! AND THAT means MORE inside time for the kiddos! UGH Though have no fear as I've FINALLY discovered an indoor play place(and it's actually clean, for real!!) that only costs $5/child for the ENTIRE day!! So I imagine that me and my girlfriends will be frequenting there with our children in tow quite a bit in the rainy weeks ahead!

Well that feels much better to get that off my chest!! Time to hit the hay soon so that I get PLENTY of rest for what may be yet another trying day tomorrow!!