Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Warm Weather is HERE!!!

Oh, happy days are here!! The sun is out and the weather is decently warm. ~as warm as it can be for CT in the early spring! I had a friend over for lunch today and I was actually HOT sitting in the sun outside!!! I think I might have a baby sunburn on my cheeks. LOL

I tell you it's quite amazing at just how fast time flies when you aren't under huge amounts of stress. Most days I feel like he's only been gone for about half of the time that he's really been gone. Though oddly enough towards the end of last week I got this MASSIVE pain in my neck. I have NO idea why or how I got it, maybe I slept on it wrong?? I dunno but it hurt BAAAAAD! I tried taking some of the pain killers for my knee, icy hot-NOTHING worked. IF was still bad on Monday I was going to call to get a massage or see a chiropractor!! THANKFULLY, it worked it self out and I'm pain free! Plus the kids have been REALLY well behaved!! I know I feel MUCH better with the sun out warming things up, so I'd imagine it affects them in that way too!?
I think instintively when you are down(either sick w/ a cold or depressed etc) your kids KNOW you're at your weakest and act up purposely... Like they're snickering at you behind your back saying "we know your down mom, so we're going to be absolutely rotten"

B pulled into a port so I have been enjoying HEARING his voice. Wish me and the kids could have met him at the port but L has school so that wasn't an option. Though all good things must come to an end and I'll be back to anxiously checking my inbox to see if there is a new email from him.

The kids and I have had a great week! Last week we had a conference with L's teacher and she had nothing but wonderful things to say! She asked if we'd be returning for next year and she was quite disappointed when I informed her we'd be moving to HI sometime during the next school year. There are so many wonderful and caring teachers at her school. I just pray that she'll get an equally caring teacher in HI!!

We've been anticipating the release of Monsters vs Aliens and it's finally out in theaters. SO of course we had to go see it on opening day!! AND IN 3D!!!! It ROCKED!!! Not that I want to pay that much to see a movie ALL the time, but it was sooo worth it!! J was so funny, he flat out refused to wear the 3D glasses. He told me he could see the movie just fine!! LMAO And there were several times that I caught L reaching out to the screen, trying to grab something that had 'jumped' out at us. LOL LOL!!!

Then it was turning into such a NIIIICE day on Saturday that we headed out to get a sandbox for the patio. Man I could not have set it up fast enough for them. They were hounding me left and right! They've played in it every day since!! Money well spent!!

Not too sure what's in store for this weekend. I did hear it's supposed to be GORGEOUS!! I do have some bunny figurines the kids can paint...? Though I do know that I need to get my Easter dinner menu solidified. I KNOW I don't want to do ham, ugh boring! Maybe some sort of roast or brisket!? Hmm, I may just spend the weekend on the patio watching the kids play while I click away on my new laptop!

UGH, well Mom duty calls!!