Saturday, February 27, 2010

Missing cat and Tsunami warning, Oh my!

Well this week was definitely one for the books. It started out pretty well. I had finally finished the downstairs. I WISH I could send B a pic of it, he's going to be so excited once he finally sees it! Kids were getting their homework done relatively quickly, had even cleaned and had been keeping their rooms clean...L even got to go to the beach with a friend...all in all it was a really good week.

And then the other shoe dropped Friday night. I was up late, as I am many nights when B is gone or on duty. I get word that there was a HUGE earthquake in Chile. I immediately pray for them but glad I don't have to deal with anything like that right now! ~Man, God sure does have a wicked sense of humor!! THEN came the news of the Tsunami warning for Hawaii...and because it was a rather large earthquake they estimated the waves would be pretty big(12 ft or so). Nothing that would cause island wide devastation, just a minor inconvenience/damages esp to those along the shore line. REALLY! A freaking natural disaster, NOW! OMG Ok, ok, so we'll go get some easy prep food, water and gas the car in the morning and we'll be fine. No biggie, right?

Then I notice that I haven't seen Mallory since I put the kids to bed, some 4 hours ago. I pour some kibble in her food bowl...nothing. Figuring she's curled up somewhere and much to lazy to drag her fuzzy little butt out, I pull out the piece de' resistance-wet food!! I though FOR SURE she'd come a hopping along and I'd hear the jingle jangle of her bell from her collar once I popped the can lid, but NOTHING! IMMEDIATELY, I knew she'd gotten out...the only thing that was unknown was when exactly she got out. SERIOUSLY!!! As if if preparing for a tsunami by myself wasn't nerve wracking wasn't enough, NOW I'm worried about poor little Mallory! UGG!!

Well I stay up all night nearly till the crack of dawn, hoping by some small miracle that she'll just show up on the lanai scratching at the door....but that never happened. So I head off to bed to get a quick power nap in before the first of many tsunami sirens goes off. Having grown up in the Mid-West where sirens were heard nearly weekly during the summer months, I awoke panic free to a very familiar sound..only this wasn't warning for a tornado it was for a tsunami. Yet another thing I'll have to get used to! I rack out the kids(man I'm such a military wife! LOL) and began to mentally make my checklist; gas for car, water, food and cash.

J went outside to try out his new chalk set, when all of a sudden I see M-A-L-L-O-R-Y!!!!! ..just casually saunter up to him/the house!! OHHHH, MYYYY GAAAAWWWD!! THANK less thing to worry about now!! We quickly cuddle her and shed tears of joy and fill her food bowl. Now that everyone is accounted for we load up and head out to get gas. Gas station was surprisingly NOT as busy as I anticipated, however the Mini-NEX DID look packed! Having been to the grocery store back in Va prepping for Hurricane Isabel, I expected the store to be wickedly busy..people just chucking anything and everything into multiple carts, hoarding tons of water, cans of tuna, spam and toilet paper...but I saw none of that. Everyone was oddly calm and subdued and had minimal amounts of food and water. OHhhkkk, so they either already have a doomsday ration of food and water or they just aren't worried. This definitely calms my nerves even more!! ;-)

We were home by 930/10 o'clock and then the waiting begins...Let me tell you waiting for a tsunami is unlike waiting for any other natural disaster. When you wait for a hurricane or tornado, the weather starts off normal and slowly deteriorates. Not soo much for a tsunami! LOL It was just another beautiful Hawaiian day...only the neighborhood was eerily quiet. I'm sure everyone was inside glued to their tv's, much like us anticipating for it to hit. BUT we waited and waited and all it really seemed to be was the tide coming in. No, 12 ft wall of water they were predicting... well maybe 12 inches! LOL

In the end I'm glad they put out the warning but they could have been a little less "chicken little" about it. I mean there was little to none surge and no flooding. Tomorrow we're DEFINITELY having a lazy day and not planning to do much of anything! Sleep, laundry, sleep, and homework is all I'm planning on!! At least now we're prepared should another tsunami hit! LOL ;-)

Night all!