Sunday, March 14, 2010

The eb and flow of sea duty

So we've survived our first underway of 2010! As far as underways go, it was pretty eventful for both B and I. I of course dealt with the tsunami AND the cat escaping for 12+ hours, while he dealt with getting the boat to score above average on an inspection while his division was a man down. Can you say sleep deprivation? As much as I love the 'comraderie' of a sea going command our family is sooo ready for shore duty. Don't get me wrong I love doing little projects while B is gone and the kids love having non traditional dinners of course. Tho I can only organize our stuff and scrapbook so much before it no longer is fun or productive! But I am so done with being a single parent. And I can tell it wearing on the kids as well. They are tired of Daddy not being here for this and that...and Daddy is tired of being there! He's even talking about coaching one of the kids' teams.

On the shore duty front, B has received yet another job opportunity. This most recent one is to be the Pacific Fleet Nav ET(navigation electronics tech). From all he's spoken to, the likely hood of B getting it are pretty good! So he's pulling his application from the squadron job and applying for this one. The only real downside to this new one is that we lose some of the extra pay incentives we're currently receiving but hey money isn't everything, right! Crazy as it seems, even tho most things overall are more expensive here in Hawaii, we still have quite a bit of disposable income...which has been helpful to help furnish this huge new house and for us to see a bit of the island. =)

With this being the first weekend of B being home, I figured he'd be inundated with phone calls from work which normally end in him going to the boat. And that's how his first day back home went. Shortly after dinner he did indeed have to run to the boat for an hour. Then I got a wonderful surprise the next morning. The kids didn't have school as it was a furlough so I had no alarm to wake..only B's alarm. However as I began to wake I noticed the sun was already up, yet B was still fast asleep next to me. Odd, I didn't hear his alarm?? I indulge myself and look at the clock..640. Crap, he's got to leave for work in 20 minutes! I quickly nudge him awake telling him the time and to get up now. His response is I don't have to go to work. Whaaat?? Of course you do it's Friday!! Surprise, I took leave! go back to sleep! What a great surprise huh! I LMAO He then proceeds to tell me that I better get used to as he plans on taking 3 day weekends as much as he can. Me, get used to spending time with you-DONE!

With B home I took full advantage and had a day of beauty with a friend. We started of with a yummy lunch with even yummier drinks! I think I have found a new favorite drink...a Patron pomegranate margarita. Simply heaven! =) With our bellies full and our heads lightened we headed to the day spa for some indulgence for our feet and hands. I just love how my hands and feet feel after a mani pedi!! Wish they could stay that way. Would it be too much of an indulgence to go every week??

Today the kids got some real quality time with B while I escaped for some more 'me' time at a friends Pampered Chef party. One of his favorite Both of the kids did great!! Tho we did find out that our lefty L is a better hitter and catcher with her right! Who woulda thought!? Guess we'll be making another trip to the store to get the girl a right handed glove! ;0)

Tomorrow marks the start of Spring Break for the kids. My original plan was to send them both to day camp but at $200 each that was kinda crazy for only 5 days so I figured J needed it(the interaction) more and had planned to send him, but for some reason in a mad cleaning fit I threw out the paper! LOL ..that's what I get for cleaning up right!? No worries, they both have homework to work on, not to mention several computer/learning programs to occupy their time..then there is always the other kids in the neighborhood to play with and of course it's never too early for Mother's Day projects! ;-)

Not sure what else the week holds for us. We're hoping at some point to get a membership to the zoo here as for only $35 for a yearly FAMILY membership it's a STEAL!!

...Till next time!!