Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Official!!

Our orders for shore duty are FINALLY up and we'll be spending 3 more years in paradise!! It was definitely a "too good to be true" scenario and there was no way I would just take it on faith..but there it was in black and white. ;-)
SO B will leave the boat around the beginning of March, go on transfer leave for 30 days, attend a quick training school and then officially report in mid April.
We are so friggin' excited!! It's bittersweet for him though..the guys in his division are just outstanding young men and they have worked hard for B. As a whole his division has come along way from when he first took over that its going to be really hard to hand over everything to the new guy...but he says it's time to move on.
And it's funny for me to hear that kinda talk from him. In the early days our duty station decisions were career this a good career move? Now why he is certainly career minded, he has become bit of a family man! The kids ARE getting older and have a greater need for stability. Not to mention the fact that we haven't even BEGUN to experience the island or even some of the other islands!
BUT that will all change with him being on shore duty! Gone will be the days of late or even missed dinners and communications via email. He'll have genuine/dependable working hours with an occasional duty day thrown in every now and then. And he'll be able to make a difference in his rating!