Friday, January 14, 2011

A calm end to a craAZY week!!

If I EVER have to through THAT KIND of week again, I may need to be medicated!! LOL WOW!! This week was definitely for the books. As some of you may know via Facebook, L was beaten up/threatened/intimidated by a boy from her school last week and it all came to ahead on Monday when I confronted the mom for a SECOND time about her son threatening to beat up L. Sadly this boy/family wasn't going to "get" that it is NOT in the least bit acceptable to put your hands on another person EVER! So I did what I had to and call the police to have the incidents documented. L tells me that the police did show up to the boy's house and at the school(tho I don't know if they came to school on their own or the school called them as well.??) and that the school has(yet again) talked to the boy about his behavior and the seriousness of situation. I'm HOPING this will fix him of his need to pick on her, though IF it occurs again we'll most likely up the ante and file a TPO and/or press charges...which as it stands now would be Assault 3. Unfortunately she will come in contact with the boy as they are in the same school, so far we've not had an issue! I pray this is the last of it!!!

As if THAT wasn't enough for me to handle by myself, I get a lovely email(the first one!) from my husband that surprise, surprise ...doesn't answer ANY of the questions I had asked in my email to him. GRR-gotta love one sided conversations! ;-) In said email he asks about the possibility to extend on the boat so he can deploy with them! HUH??? Deja Vu, we've already had this conversation...I guess the new guy hasn't quite finished all the training he needs and because of that won't be able to report on time as planned. At best B would have to stay a couple of months....but then they have this inspection thing, deployment work ups, ya-da ya-da.... So now of course everybody's resolution is just to have B stay on for the deployment, which is what the command has wanted all along!! DAMN, why is it when we get sooooo close, something ALWAYS comes up!!??? Suddenly I'm brought back to 2007 when after B spent 10 months up in Maine without us, he was asked to ride another boat to 'help' them and subsequently deploy after being home a few months. AAAAHHHHH!!! Cursing soon followed, along with tears. It has been such a LONG and HARD 5 yrs...I cannot believe that I have to wait MORE!!! UGH!! Since being underway he's actually been getting sleep and because of the new NAV he's once again ENJOYING his job. I've always been so incredibly proud of him and could hear a renewed sense of passion in his voice. I knew he had made the decision that he wanted to stay on and was making sure I wouldn't hate him for doing so!! Any time he's been up for orders etc it's always been a decision we make TOGETHER, tho in the end it's all his. THE ONLY things I've EVER said "no" to was transferring to WA state(I need sunshine 24/7!!) and orders to Italy back in 2002. Thankfully the former will most likely NEVER be a possibility for us based on B's rating ;0) and the latter I'm sort of kicking my self for because with the base closures we'll most likely never get a chance to live there ever, but at the time L was VERY little and the idea of being SOOO far away from our families was just too much for me.

So right now B's current command is talking with the command he was supposed to transfer to in April to see just how long B can stay on. It's looking like they(the new command) will be able to hold the position open for him AND he most likely will NOT have go the entire deployment!! WOOHOO!! It's really a win-win for ALL of us, I'll even score a couple of trips out of the whole thing too....even a trip for just me and B!!! ..and of course a little extra dough is nice too$$$

The finishing touch to my uber rough/crazy week came in the form of phone call I got earlier tonight. It was from good friends of ours to say that they had just arrived on the island! ;0) We've been waiting for a year to hear that, I'm so glad it worked out they could transfer out here too!! Tomorrow will be the first of MAAAAANNNY get togethers with our families!!

So I guess you could say that my week started out with me hating our lifestyle...B always gone and me having to deal with crap on my own to loving it and the fact that we have friends that sort of "move" with us! <3