Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's definitely been different

It's safe to say that this underway has been not only one of the most stressfull(definitely top 3) and different underways to date! That's a pretty remarkable statistic considering I've gone through DOZENS of underways in over 13yrs(and counting). LOL So you'd think after all that time we'd run out of "firsts"(eww not THOSE kind, get your head out of the gutter! lol). I'm talking about the first time he's gone longer than 30/60/90 days, the first time he's visited/called from a foreign port, the first time he deploys-for you non Navy/sub folk--fast attack boat sailors like B consider a true 'deployment' one that is 6 months or longer, anything else is called an underway.
Well we have accomplished another first....while AT sea(not in port) I received an actual phone call from my hubby! At first I was SURE it was just a case of the boat breaking and they had ported...that wasn't the case. I could DEFINITELY hear the wind and boat 'chatter' in background. Tho I don't know which was cooler hearing all the chatter--I had to 'wait one' a few times for him to converse with others as he was actually working lol OR knowing he was looking at a pod of whales! So friggin cool! Gotta love 4G technology..more bars in more places is QUITE an understatement!!!
My prayers were answered! It was so incredibly wonderful to talk to him. He was able to let me know where things stood with the deployment extension and I also let him know what was going on here with L and all of THAT drama. Hearing his voice was just the boost I needed to get me through that hellish week!! And since then I've even been lucky enough to have had a few conversations with him to know that they are indeed keeping his shore duty open for him, which is a huge relief! They still aren't sure of just when he'll report but they will work all of those details out once B get's back! He is pretty confident that he won't be gone for the entire deployment. WOOHOO!! There was just no way he had it in him to do what he does(which on any other boat is a 2 Chief job AND a Senior Chief's job mind you! ;-) BUT he was SOOO worried with them having a brand NEW Nav(with VERY little sea time on board) a new Nav Div Chief, and new ANav/Chief for the deployment. This is like the perfect compromise for all involved! The boat keeps B and his experience for the bulk of the deployment. B gets to deploy with ONLY having to handle the navigation side of things as the new Div Chief reports VERY soon. Not only will I be able to meet B at a port visit during deployment sans children(thanks Mom!) but I also scored an outer island trip in March!!
In other news, the kids got their report cards for the second quarter this week. More of the same from last quarter. L got mostly MP's(meets proficiency) with one or two EP's(exceeds prof.) thrown in there. J got mostly MP's with a few less DP's(developing prof) than last quarter. In case you missed last quarter's grades this school doesn't actually hand out REAL letter grades or percentages. Like many weak willed, we don't want to offend student's- or give them low self esteem schools, the schools give out SUPER VAGUE description of just how your child is doing. Now I can understand having this sort of system in place for kindergarteners like L's did. But actual grades should be given out after that, IMO. We've had other schools go by an always, most of the time, some of the time, never does [insert learning/behavior task] but would give an overall grade for each subject.
And as if getting great marks wasn't good enough L was chosen as one of her class'
Student of the Quarter!!
Which IMMEDIATELY sent J into a tizzy! He stormed off in a huff, slamming doors in anger. After what seemed an eternity(15 minutes) I was able to get him to tell me just why he was angry. I guess he was bit angry/jealous that HE wasn't chosen! ;0( Even after talking about it it still upsets him to talk about. Poor little guy!
Well time for me to do some more research for our trip to either Kaua'i or Maui. (tho I'm leaning towards Kaua'i) B was supposed to take his 30 days of transfer leave in March, but with us transferring LATER we will more than likely not get the full 30. So the CO is letting him take it as we previously planned. Tho we might take a few weeks in March and a few later. All I know for SURE is he's taking the week off while the kids are off during their Spring break/Grammy's visit and a few days for our outer island trip. ;-)