Friday, March 21, 2008

Anyone else ready for spring?!

Ok so it is just me or is Spring taking her sweet ole time arriving??!! I'm so tired of it being overcast and/or rainy on the weekends too! We've not had one FULL weekend of nice weather since January. We have had one or 2 nice and sunny Sundays though, which is better than nothing at all I guess. Really what it comes down to is being able to get the kids OUT of the HOUSE to burn off some energy! LOL ...instead of them chasing each other around the house and screaming all the while. Many of you can attest to hearing such chaos! We were so lucky while living in VA as even in the winter months there is still alot you can do, even outside given that the 'winter' cold is still pretty mild. Here in CT it's just too cold to do much outside and there isn't a whole lot to do indoor locally(within 30 minutes drive). Kind of a bummer, but I can just FEEL, that Spring is right around the corner.