Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Greetings!

This morning the Easter Bunny left baskets for both children and they were more than excited to find them waiting for them! After breakfast we all headed out in the backyard for an egg hunt. Both J and L discovered eggs(that were secretly hidden by Daddy) filled with all sorts of treats...ranging from candy, money and even Chuck E Cheese coins!!!!

This afternoon we are headed to Kathy's(Brian's stepmom) for some prime rib roast. Yummy, we cannot wait!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Edited to add:
I almost wasn't able to make my pecan pie to bring with us. When I went into the fridge this am I didn't find my eggs!(that we just purchased yesterday!) I thought that *maybe* we had mistakenly left them on the counter as we were out late yesterday evening and basically came home, put the groceries away and put the kids to bed. But they were no where. Dread then sets in and I look in the freezer...Low and behold, there is my dozen eggs! J had seen that I after hard boiled the eggs we were to color in the freezer, he thought he was doing mommy a favor and wanted to put the other dozen in the freezer too!! ARRRGG! My great husband then heads out to get ANOTHER dozen eggs so that I can make the pecan pie. And who cares if he paid for just this ONE dozen today that we paid for the 2 dozen yesterday. I mean we needed the eggs. Just as the price of goes up, we still need gas for our cars. KWIM?! But I digress...Bottom line is that everyone got to enjoy the pecan pie!! Sooo now we have 2 dozen hardboiled eggs. I'm sure there is going to be lots of egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs on our menu this week!! :-)