Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back to the old grind

So my 'vacation' from duty nights has finally come to an end! ;-(
Brian is officially in the duty rotation on the boat. Though instead of having to serve every couple of days it'll be more like once every 7-10 days which will be a nice change of pace. And an added perk of him making CPO!

In other news after having my treadmill a week, I'm happy to report that I have used it each weekday since. And speaking of my treadmill... after having in the house just 3 days I thought I would never be able to use it again! Friday I had just finished up when Brian called. He was on his way home to change his clothes for a St. Patty's Day fun run(It was only a 5k, nothing like the half-marathan my friend Camilla ran on Sunday!) that was on base. After I get off the phone I set the key to the treadmill down to set his running clothes out. A few hours go by and THEN I realize the key is not in it's place. SIX HOURS of on/off searching before we find it. Yeah it was inside of one of J's trucks!! LOL Gotta love boys and their trucks!!!

Lesson learned: Never leave things where a toddler boy can get ahold of it!!

The fun never ends here. :-)