Monday, March 10, 2008

A roller coaster week ends ;-)

So if last Sunday was any indication of how the week was going to turn out, we should have packed up our bags and went on a vacation!!!

We got a call on Feb 28 from our renter saying she'd been having problems with the heat. So we called our home warranty service and they were able to have some one come out later that day. Friday, Saturday we don't hear anything from our renter or the heating company and assume that all is know what happens when you assume right? We get a call Sunday from the home warranty saying that they need to send out an electrician to fix the problem as it seems to be an issue out in the breaker box. Monday I call the electrician to see what's going on..they don't have the work order! UGG! So for the next HOUR I'm back and forth between the heating company, the electrician and the warranty service to get everything worked out! Unfortunately they can't get out until WEDNESDAY-grr! But what else can I do? Then I spend Tues

Okay so that is finally settled and the electrician came on Wed and all was well...until about midnight.

Brian got a call that one of his guys was in a car accident earlier in the evening. After making some calls and waiting to hear from this guy's wife, Brian heads over to the hospital around 130 am and doesn't get home till around 3/4 am only to have to be in for work at 7am. The guy is okay given the circumstances but will have a looong recovery ahead. This man has a wife and 3 kids so please keep their family in your prayers, they are gonna need it!

Brian and I pretty much spent the day Thursday as zombies due to shock/awe and sleep deprivation! So when friends of ours asked us to dinner on Friday we jumped at the chance!(even if we were bringing the kids too) Even better is that Brian and I were able to get a sitter for the kids and go on a double date(again with our friends) on Saturday night!

It was a great way to end our tumultuous week! We sooo needed it!!! Thankfully THIS week has started off wonderfully! My treadmill is being delivered tomorrow and hopefully I can 'run off' a dress size or 2 before our
formal Navy shin-dig in April!