Friday, March 28, 2008

STILL a full moon??

Easter Sunday Brian and I were talking about how insanely wacky the kids had been acting that morning to which she said that it was probably due to the full moon that we just had. Made perfect since seeing as Mallory(our cat) had been acting quite mischievious the previous two nights as well. SO fast forward to today, well last night actually.

Brian was scheduled to have duty, but the COB said he could go home after Brian finished up a few things. So at 930 I get a knock on the door and SURPRISE it's B! Now that means that I have to get up with him @ 6am Friday morning to make his coffee because it apparently "doesn't taste the same" when he makes it himself?!!? ~This MUST be a guy thing since several friends of mine get the same conplaint from their DH's as well! Which I didn't mind having him home, but L had the day off from school and I was totally looking forward to sleeping in a bit. Just before he heads out the door we hear J say "Daddy!" UGG! Guess I won't be falling back to sleep! He's normally pretty good first thing in the am and is content to watching Noggin or PBS for a bit. Today I wasn't so lucky! I swear this kid had fire ants in every bone in his body, because today he was an absolute terror of a kid! He took every opportunity that was presented to torment/torture L, touched nearly EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE that he's not supposed, nearly clogged the upstairs toilet w/ HALF a roll of TP, painted my BRAND NEW treadmill AND not to mention all the screaming, throwing of toys and smacking!! WHEW EVERY 5 or 10 minutes it was something else. Brian often thinks that I over dramatize days like today, but he was home early today. He got to see first hand as to how 3
J was today. Needless to say he was in utter disbelief and ready to go back to work! LOL I don't blame him!

But I guess that's just another day in the life with a 3 year old BOY!!

NOW, L was no angel today though either. She was just an emotional wreck. I do think that most of it was due in part to havoc wreaked by her brother, still no excuse though. Even worse was that none of the neighborhood kids were at home to play with. : -(
Plus outside it was yucky and a bit on the chilly side today. I'm HOPING
that tomorrow and Sunday we will fair better. Otherwise I know of 2 kids that will have some red and sore behinds if things don't show improvement!!! LOL Kidding...

At least the storm is over as they are BOTH in bed, not asleep but they are of no bother to Brian and I!!