Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring has sprung!!

So we've been busy these past few weeks, AKA 'the norm', for the Rowland family!!

Brian has been at a school, but still has been going down to boat a couple times a week. Needless to say he's been having fun 'hobnobing' of sorts with some of the upper crust CPO's...might have even secured a spot for his next duty station assignment! Meanwhile it's been pretty rough for his guys, they are sooo ready to have Chief back! We thought we'd never hear some of them say THAT!! LOL

Meanwhile I have begun to the "spring cleaning", both inside and out.( Brian will be quick to say he did help with the yard etc outside!
Got all the leaves raked out of the massive flower beds, trimmed all the dead stuff away. Honestly I don't think the previous owner EVER did that!! But MAN do the flowers beds look great NOW! ~If I just knew what some of this stuff was!? ;-) Raked up the yard to get rid of some of the dead grass, even just doing that perked up the yard a bit. But the front yard was still looking so so, but after some fertilizer and water it's looking 100% better!! They were calling for rain this weekend so we held off mowing, but the yard will definitely need it ASAP. Also cleaned out all our closets to transition our clothes from winter to summer.

We're also looking at buy a house, as if our lives weren't chaotic enough! The one we like is bank owned so they won't accept a VA. Seeing if it's worth it to use a conventional, though we still haven't seen the inside of the house! LOL We're meeting with our realtor this week to set up our wants/needs list. I'd really LOVE to stay in this neighborhood/school district, but I think if we can find a comparable neighborhood(ie-kids EVERYWHERE!!) say in another part of the city, I'd be okay with that too.

Plus we're gearing up for Brian to go underway soon. I know he's itching to go to sea, but I'm less than thrilled. The last 2 yrs were super tough on all of us. I have been enjoying our 'break' since last August, but I know Brian's going back to sea is inevitable! And with that it's not looking too good that he will home in time to go with us to Illinois for the. The schedule is still in the air, but I'm not getting my hopes up. So we might end up celebrating J's birthday in Illinois!

More later!