Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Well I had a wonderful Mother's Day, probably one of the best ones since becoming a mom! Mine actually started on Saturday night. Brian took the kids to the mall so that a friend and I could make some cards WITHOUT having children around. The silence was BLISS! Only it was over WAAAAY too quickly. Sunday morning Brian and the kids made me breakfast. It would have been served in bed if it wasn't for Jacob who came belly flopping into our bed at 730am. Needless to say I was WIDE awake! But my omlet was yummy and food that is made with love is always better. Then Lindsey gave me her gift which was a flower and a poem that she had made in school. I had already opened Brian's present to me on Saturday. It was for both Mother's Day and our anniversary which was Wednesday... Let's just say it was more for our anniversary and leave it at that! ;-} Anywho we all got dressed and headed to RI for lunch. It was a great lunch; fast and noisy, but still a great lunch. And we left with NO major meltdowns/tantrums from either kid, so THAT is ALWAYS a huge bonus!! We then spent the rest of the afternoon at my MIL's house. J unearthed everything to see if there were any ants, bees, worms, snakes waiting for him. I swear he would spend ALL day looking for/at bugs etc if I let him. He gets sooo excited when he makes a discovery! But the majority of the afternoon was spent with us converersating and the kids playing with bugs! L even found a little newt! Though she would NOT touch it with bare hands, ONLY gloved ones. That's my girl! LOL By the time we got home EVERYONE was ready for bed. Trying to figure out which one of us was going to give the kids a bath was a scene from Wall Street-there were lots of trading, bargaining and pleading going on. But since it was Mother's Day, Brian did the dirty work and all I had to do was get the pj's ready!

Hope you all wonderful day as well!!