Thursday, May 22, 2008

It was down to the wire!

...But L finally cleaned up her room! She had been doing REALLY well keeping her room fairly tidy for quite some time. But it just recently has been accumulating to the point where it just got competely trashed! For WEEKS, I have been coercing L to clean up her room to no avail. We tried banning her from TV, friends, even tried to bribe her with cold hard cash. NONE of it worked! So in my last attempt I told her on Sunday that she HAD to clean her room by Wednesday evening OR she was NOT going to Six Flags this weekend. She kept saying that she REALLY wanted to go, but as the days passed she wasn't making ANY progress what so ever! I was afraid that she might actually call my bluff and not have her room cleaned in time. I knew though if I didn't keep my promise that it would be the first of bad things to come. It would have been really hard to leave her behind but she would know that mom meant/means business!! Thankfully though she buckled down and got it done! Yippee, so now we ALL can enjoy our mini vaca to Six Flags!!