Monday, May 19, 2008

Pain at the pump!

So finally the Rowland family is starting to feel the 'pain at the pump'. The price per gallon has now hit $4 here in CT!! And man it was down right nauseating to pump THAT gas!! Thankfully on base gas is floating around $3.90. Remember just 10 yrs ago(coincedentally when I moved to CT for the FIRST time! :-) ) gas was just under $1!!! WHOAH!! Talk about inflation! I was reading something this weekend where the President was going to ask the 'oil countries' whom we receive the bulk of our gas from to increase production as to hopefully drive down the cost at the pump. What? Why doesn't he ask the oil companies RIGHT HERE in the grand USA to up THEIR production or maybe I dunno ask them to simply take a small paycut?? I mean do these execs REALLY need several hundred million in order to live? Uh I think NOT!!!

Though we've not changed a whole bunch as to how/where we shop. I guess we are a little bit more mindful of the trips we make, but it's something we've done since we first moved here and all the commerce is on the other end of. I was trying really hard to keep my trip out today to a minimum. I had a class this am and had to go to a little shop on the other side of Mystic to get some coffee(Yes I know grocery stores sell coffee, but we like to support local business/commerce!) So after my class I headed to the coffee shop and purchased my coffee. Then I had the urge for an iced coffee. I first tried the Starbucks that was right near the coffee shop, but it didn't have a drive-thru.(I had J with me and he hadn't had a nap yet!) Mmmkay, so I see that just down the stree their is a Dunkin Dounuts. Guess what NO drive thru! ARGH!!! Then I decide to head back into town to where I KNOW there is a drive thru to satisfy my craving. Geez, so much for trying to save some gas! ;-) LOL Better luck tomorrow, eh?!