Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catching up!

Well it's been a while, so I thought I'd get everyone up to speed...

SIX FLAGS: Was soooo much fun!! The kids had a blast too! LOL Having the indoor water park RIGHT there was a life saver too, seeing as we hit the 90's that weekend! We simply took the elevator down to the water park and VOILA! We did hit the actual Six Flags theme park for a day as well. It was hot but fun, right up until the part where J walked off and was missing for 30 minutes! Seriously we were in line getting food. I looked down and he was there said something and 30 seconds later I looked down again and he was G-O-N-E!! We quickly checked the little area we were in and then B went off to notify the park. Our friend James had came back from looking and decided to give another look in our area. When low and behold there was J, riding a ride!! He made them stop the ride immediately and plucked J out!! We didn't stay too much after that as it was getting late in the day. After heading back to the hotel we squeezed in some more time at the water park before bedtime! So this just wasn't 'kid only' fun but an opportunity for ME to pamper myself. The hotel has a spa on site, so I splurged and got a facial and it was SO WOOOOONDERFUL!!!! It was 50 minutes of heaven! B also got some guy time, by heading into NYC with James and catching a Mets-Marlins game.(for those who don't know B is a huge Florida Marlins fan!) They also toured the Empire State Building and Madame Toussaudes Wax Museum!
The kids and I, will not be heading to Illinois this summer as we had orginally planned. I didn't want to drive both ways by myself but due to B's schedule it looks like he won't be home for much of the summer! :-( Plus gas prices are shooting through the roof as well. Also we are selling our house in Virginia, so we need to save for repairs, etc. And in this unsteady market, it may take a while for it to sell. Though we are pricing it fairly aggressively in hopes for a quick sell!

And now we're spending as much time with B before he goes out to sea. Which this week has been very little time as they are super busy getting their ducks in a row, preparing the boat for sea. And even this weekend isn't looking to good either!
:-( Yes even on Father's Day, he is supposed to work!! They keep falling back and working on their supposed days 'off'. So I'm hoping that since he had to work today, he'll get the day off tomorrow! Aaaah, such the life on a submarine. Right?!?