Friday, August 8, 2008

Some news, good news, and no news

It has been a flury of laundry, cleaning and packing our stuff up around here lately! B has been in and out about 3 or 4 times over the past few weeks. To include us all stumbling out the door at O dark thirty to drop B off at the pier-those are fun mornings!! LOL The kids and I are FINALLY able to get back to our schedule, at least for now! It won't be long before B is home and then all the super craziness ensues yet again.(Oh, yeah AND it's also the new CPO induction season! FUN times ahead!) But I'll take whatever time we CAN be on a schedule!!

Some of you know we are trying to get into military housing. The property manager of the house here has had a several showings in the last couple of weeks trying to find a prospective renter. So on each day of the showing I'm basically running behind the kids cleaning up the messes along the way. One week she scheduled showings 2 days in a row(and I was sick during THAT BTW!!) and I told her never again! It's just too much work to do with 2 small kids.

THIS WEEK~ We finally got our referral to the housing company so on Monday I go over to look at a unit and complete all the lovely paperwork. It's one of the new construction units! It's not exactly what I'd hoped for, but I'll manage. lol Just in time too as school registration is Wednesday!! Nothing like cutting it close. Though I'm even MORE relieved to be moving into housing as I just got the oil contracts for the upcoming winter. The BEST prices they can offer is $4.65 for 'on demand' or $4.40 for a prepaid plan. BTW that is DOUBLE what last years prices were! OUCH!! I'm soooo looking forward to running the AC LOW, the heat HIGH and having every light in the house all on at once when we move into housing!!! Did I mention how excited we are to move into housing?

The house in VA is still on the market. Though we are still getting steady traffic and viewings. Have had some serious buyers, but in the end our house just wasn't right for them. Now there are just a few homes in the area that 'competes' with ours, so it won't be too much longer before it sells!

Hope you and yours are well! I'm off to dinner and watch the Olympics!!