Friday, January 23, 2009

The weekend is here!!

Man, this week sure has flown by! This has been a pretty quiet week for us, usually is when B is gone. LMAO I really needed a break in the chaos, we've been going non-stop since L's bday. And since the new year started it's been super drama filled, more than usual! I did get an email from hubbs yesterday!! And of course I've read and re-read it about a hundred bagillion times. He even broke from the norm...I got a novella compared to his standard 3-5 sentenance. That's the sign that he's missing us BIG TIME!! It was particularly hard on all of us this time around. He'd been HOME for about 4.5 months so for him to be gone for a good stretch after all that time in is tough, no matter HOW MUCH you prepare. Though we will be taking a mini family vacay when he gets back! He's got some leave to use and given that he's got a pretty aggressive schedule these next few months, he wants to take any time off that he can so he doesn't get burn out. Sure, like you have to twist my arm to take me and the kids away for a few days!!

Funny story about my new hair-so I told B about how J said he didn't like it curly and asked me to 'make my hair smooth again'. B's comment was "of course, my boy has good taste!!" LOL

L's doing well in school, even has some boys from her class that walk her home from time to time. She's really growing up waaay to fast! She's just started a short after school program. It's science based and they meet once a week. She's having a blast! ~Just might be an idea for her next bday party?

THANKFULLY(knocks on wood) it hasn't snowed all week. It snowed like 3 times in 4 days last week! I was gonna have to start cussing out my husband for leaving me to shovel all the snow we'd been getting. Even though it's been fairly warm the last few days(in the 40's) there's still quite a bit of snow on the ground! I really hopes it lasts or at least snows again right before B comes home. Poor guy hasn't really got to play in the snow with the kids very much. The ONE day he came home early to make a snowman with the kids, the snow was too hard!(we'd had freezing rain on top of snow)

Well the natives are getting restless, so I'd better motor!



Keri Alane said...

So glad I am not dealing with snow LOL!!
I like your hair too! Though curly or straight you are beautiful!
Have you heard anything about Hawaii? I sure hope you are coming here!! I miss you guys! and Cami sure could use the play dates!
Enjoy your mini Vacay! Lots of pics please!