Monday, February 2, 2009

Ugh, snow AGAIN!

Well there snow in the forecast and now we're getting it! Thankfully I dodged the bullet this am and they didn't cancel school for L. Though I may not be as lucky tomorrow!
She's had a snow day nearly EVERY week since they got back from Christmas break. Yowsers! Let me tell you my nerves/sanity are shot!! It's so hard to get anything done when you're breaking up fights every 2 minutes or the fact that you can't run any errands because of the fact you don't want to drag your kids along(cause it's a hassle). I wouldn't nearly mind as much if B were here, but he's not here to help calm my frazzled nerves by going out and getting me a coffee. I know that sounds like an oxy moron, but one of our favorite things to do is just sit sippin a hot cappuccino in our living room listening to the radio(I LOOVE our home theater system) or cd and just veg out , talking about this and that or as my Aunt calls it 'chillaxin'. Well I hope he comes home prepared cause I'm going to need some MAJOR pampering when he gets home! When/if we go on our mini vacay I'll need to get a massage AND facial!! Lordy, I think I could get one a day and I'd STILL be stressed out.

B's time of being gone is winding down and I'm a bit nervous of getting all my projects done that I've started! I'm painting our computer desk and making a mosaic on the top. I'm about half way done, the painting is done and I just attached the last of my mosaics today. So by Thursday or Friday I can grout it! I hope he likes it. J seems to think he won't and is quick to tell me "Daddy's going to be mad at you!" I've not mentioned it to him in any of the emails...
Guess he's still missing us like mad cause I've been constantly getting emails!!

The kids and I worked on Valentine's this weekend. Only for L to come today with her class list so we have more to make THIS weekend! Not too sure what hubby has planned V-day, though our friend James asked if he needed to make some arrangements/pick up some things and B said no. SO I guess he has a plan!? Time will tell I guess. We have never really done anything special, so I'm curious to see what is up his sleeve.

Well dinner's on and I don't want it to burn. Nothing worse than burnt french toast! Yuck.