Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The snow is gone!

So while I'm glad the temps are finally above freezing ,lol I am a bit sad to see all the snow GONE! Poor B, I feel so bad for him. He's only had about 1 day to play in the snow with the kids. To make things worse we've had snow on the ground since he left plus it's snowed about 4 times since then. The forecast doesn't seem to show any snow coming before he comes home unfortunately. :0(

Also it does play a bit with your mind too. If there isn't snow on the ground, your brain can get a bit confused thinking the temp is warm. Well that's NOT the case, just yet. Ugh, at least if there is snow you KNOW the temps will be chilly! I'm sooo ready for spring.

I've almost got my desk project done. B's got no clue still. I was really hoping to have it completely done and back in it's orginal spot with everything put back. That's just not going to happen. And each time do I work on it J is quick to tell me(over and over again) that Daddy won't like it! I've also rearranged our bedroom a bit too. Though the bed is in the same general position, so that shouldn't throw B off too much. He always jokes that when he's gone longer than a week or 2 that he comes home to furniture(in at least one room!) is in another spot.

Still trying to decide where to go when B gets home for our mini vacay. Both places I was hoping to go are either booked or waaay more than I want to spend on one night!

Well it's just about dinner time, so I'd better get going.