Friday, March 20, 2009

The long awaited *NEW* blog post

Man it has been QUITE a while since I've been on here. I just haven't had enough time where I'm awake enough or free enough to sit down at this machine. Though that is all about to change as I JUST purchased a laptop!! We're going to give L the desktop so the laptop will be MINE!! B will have to BEG to use it. HA HA HA!! On to the update.............

So B returned JUST in time for the big V day! An extra special bonus was that the kids spent the weekend at Grammy's!! In recent years, we've come to the realization that it's beneficial to us ALL that B gets a few days to ease back into the family lifestyle after being at sea for a while. Ya know, he spends his time at full throttle work mode during his 18 hr days while at sea only to come home and be THRUST back into our life with a 24 hr day, wife, finances, friends, kids and homework! It makes for a much smoother transition and more pleasant dynamic! LOL

He had been on the night shift at sea so it took a few days to learn to sleep at night again! We were both up early on Sat am-B couldn't sleep, so we decided to head out for breakfast which would give us time to catch up and him tell me his sea stories!! Though it's never ALL about him and what HE did, he ALWAYS give at least 90% of the credit of his sucess to his guy. B had always been a VERY humble/grounded person. It's one of the things I love about him!!

We did a little shopping after breakfast. He was DYING to go to the toy store to buy something for the kids. Though don't be fooled, he was looking at things for himself as well!! Like I always tell people, he is my biggest kid of all!

Well not wanting to completely run our selves into the ground before dinner, we come home for a few hours before heading out for an early dinner and movie. He even let ME pick the movie!

L had the following week of from school, so we were able to cross a few places off our "To do/see we move to Hawaii" list. We went to Mystic Aquarium which the kids absolutely LOVED!! I think they would have spent all day there if we let them. They both particularly liked seeing the Beluga whales(they are L's favorite). Poor J didn't get to see his fave, the penguins. Apparently it was too cold for them!!!

On the last day of her vacation we braved an afternoon at Mystic Seaport, even though it was rainy. They were having an admission special and it was too good to pass up; adults are free with paying child admission. So our family of 4 paid $20!!! Well it began to rain harder so we didn't get to see ALL that we wanted, but we're hoping to be able to go back again before the move.

About the move, there isn't anything new to report. We're just waiting to get the official documents saying we CAN move(so that the Navy will pay) and trying to ge a more definite idea of what the boat's schedule will be. Though IF you are wanting to come visit us in CT, you might want to do it before summer is over. After that we have NO idea where we'll be!!

Many of you might know that I hurt my knee back in December. Well just when I think it's fine, it starts acting up again. I decided that enough was enough so I got an appt with my doc and he decided to send me for an MRI last weekend. I got the results this week....Apparently I have a tear in my meniscus(duh, no surprise there!!) AND a popliteal cyst-which is probably caused FROM the actual injury of the meniscus tear. SO he's referring me to see an orthopaedist, where they'll probably want to try some physical therapy FIRST. Though I'm thinking I'll eventually need some sort of surgery as there is a distinct clicking sound each time I go up and down the stairs. And naturally of course B's schedule is pretty much in/out for the rest of the year, but I'm somehow supposed to be able to make all these appointments?!! What a logistic nightmare!! Thankfully I do have a dear friend here in CT that's been able to watch J, otherwise I would HAVE to wait for B to be home! THANKS Tiffany!!

Only other BIG thing that's happened is L getting glasses! She'd been complaining of head aches, but I always assumed they were because she was dehydrated, sinuses etc. A few weeks ago, she said that 'things were fuzzzy'! I enquired some more and went ahead and made her an appointment. Come to find out she needs READING glasses. I was CERTAIN she was going to need vision correction as I am near sighted.

WHEW! Glad that is over. My hands are starting to ache and I can feel the carpal tunnel pain coming on. I can thank L's pregnancy for it!! I'm sure I'll need surgery for THAT eventulally! Man I feel like I'm falling apart....

I'm soo sick of snow and cold weather!! We cannot move to Hawaii fast enough!!
Think S-P-R-I-N-G!!!!!!



Keri Alane said...

How funny I just got a lap top too!! I love mine!!! It makes things so much easier! I am ready for you guys to come out here as well!!! I miss you guys! Cami is riding her bike with no training wheels! And Addi has been drinking out of a sippy cup the last couple of days as well as rolling everywhere! Call me again whenever!