Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little something and a whole lot of nothing...

Oh how I would love to say we've been off seeing parts of the island but no, this import period has only been nothing but MANY MANY late nights on the boat for B. I think he's made it home in time to have dinner with us about once or twice a week. We're "lucky" if he makes it before the kids head to bed! The weekends haven't been free from work either. He's either had to go in or gets called in. BOOOO!! But in the midst of all the chaos we were able to make an addition to our family! We adopted a cute little mutt or poi dog as they call it here. Her name is Sasha and she's about 2-ish. She was found abandoned with her puppies and her babies' daddy tied to an abandoned truck. She was VERY skinny and skid-dish but has made an amazing recovery in just a few short months. Sasha has made herself QUITE comfy in the Rowland house!! ;)

Easter weekend is somewhat of a blur for me. :) Good Friday the kiddos were home so I put them to work doing their chores and homework. Then on Saturday I was busy baking for dinner on Sunday, meanwhile B took J to run several errands, so they had a guys day of sorts. Then later that night, B took L to a Father-Daughter Dance. She really wanted him to wear his dress uniform, but since we needed it for Sub Ball in a few weeks, B opted for dressy civvy clothes! They even capped the night off with a stop for ice cream. L can't wait to go next year!!

We'd then get a few days rest(well sort of) before we'd play host and tour guide to B's dad. B had been working extra long nights hoping to get caught up with things at work so he wouldn't have to go in while he was on leave while his dad was visiting. We should've known that was too lofty a goal...B spent 8 of 10 days of his "leave" at the boat! BLEH!! Calgon take me away!! You know all that stress is getting to you when 2 people who normally get along start to get snippy with each other. ALL I have to say is thank GOD that the worst(work wise) is hopefully behind us! Luckily we've learned a thing or two since our the first sea tour and are MUCH more prepared to handle all that stress!! Tho, I think if we both weren't ready for shore duty before, we're MORE than ready for it now!

Speaking of, we 'think' we are at least penciled in for shore billet here in Hawaii! Nothing is final tho, B will be calling the detailer this week to see if we can get a time line of when to expect the orders to be written. At this point I imagine it will be later since we're coming to an end of a fiscal quarter. As soon as the Guam billet is filled and NOT by us, we will be able to breath more easily!

It's hard to believe that school is almost over for the kiddo's as summer is right around the corner. And as it seems to be our curse for this particular sea duty, B will be once again gone for the entire summer. BLEHH!!!! So if you're looking for a tropical escape, I know of a place you can stay! :0)