Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting into the groove, finally

So, "normalcy" has finally hit the Rowland house. Tho what you and I consider normal is relative. For us, it's getting used to B being gone. It's like an never ending duty day and I've learned that it takes time to settle into it. I used to fight it back when L was little. It was like our life ended and was put on hold till B came back. But then it was only her and I and EVERYTHING was much simpler then. I do feel that way still to some extent, I just give myself less days to have a pity party! LOL For us a routine is what really makes the days tick by. OMG, before the kids started summer camp I thought I was about to lose my damn mind. We still had a routine of sorts but there was no real time constraint like school. But trying to keep them occupied 24/7 so they would miss B less, trying to keep myself occupied for the same reason AND trying to keep my house in somewhat decent shape...uhh let's just say if I were to 'grade' myself, I'd give me a C! LOL The kids have been in camp now 2 weeks I'm happy to report that we are in a nice little rut and we are all doing just dandy!! I drop them off, come back work out, go run errands and pick them up from camp. Once we're home they get an hour or so to unwind/chill, then they go and play till dinner time, then it's all down hill till bedtime!! ;)

Emails from B have been somewhat reliable, but I'm sure all good things will come to an end in the near future...tho I'm definitely enjoying it. I'm also enjoying the flowers that B has set to come every 2 weeks. I still cannot believe he was actually able to take the time to arrange for it. When he deployed with the OKC, he talked about setting up flower deliveries for 'the next time' he'd be deployed. I really didn't think he'd actually remember to do it...or even have the time to go and make the arrangements. But I have to say that I actually look forward to those Monday flower deliveries. Like this week, I got "the knock" and just knew it was my flowers! Sure it enough it was! They've been simple arrangements; the first was some wildflowers, the second was actually for L and they were several Hawaiian varieties and this one was yellow roses and daisies! The newest one was actually sent to all of us, but J was less than thrilled. I belive he said "All Daddy sent us was stinkin' flowers?! Flowers are not a good surprise for me. Doesn't Daddy know I like Legos, Transformers...that would be a good surprise" I then explained to him that you can't order toys to be delivered to your house the same way flowers can and that was the end of it, thank goodness!! ;0)

So it appears that one of the neighbor kids has attached himself to my kids and not in a good way. In the weeks before school let out he'd come over asking if my daughter could come out and play. I thought maybe he just forgot L's name...but he KEPT doing it. I should have known....This kid comes over while the kids are still at camp and wants to come inside! WTF?? I don't think so, 1-for the 2492th time, my kids are at camp till 2pm M-F and 2-I'm BUSY! WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD!! Earlier this week I had left the car in the driveway since I was heading back out soon and knocks on the door yet again. We go thru the same rigamarole of how they are at camp... This kid is like, well why is your car here?? I SERIOUSLY think he was dropped as a baby or his mom was smoking crack cause I should not have to explain to an 8yr old that my kids are gone, but I am home. My concern deepened yesterday where he was INSISTING that they come inside OUR house to play, uh no! We live in HI where it's summer just about every day of the year and that means little to no-reason to play indoors. Finally, after a solid 30 minutes of asking me like every 5 mins he decides to go home...creeepy! Today, I've genuinely fed up. Today he came AGAIN while they were at camp! So before L and J head out to play, I explain to L not to come and ask if they can play inside and if they do...they will be grounded. Well L and J, didn't come and ask..No this kid says that HE'S gonna be the one to ask. The first time he arrived, he didn't even knock or ring the bell. He simply pressed his face against the screen door to which Sasha started barking at....apparently he wanted J to bring out his Lego's! Uh, no...sorry! Not even 10 minutes later I hear the inevitable excuse me, can I come in your house. WTH is wrong with you!!?!? I yet again explain that my kids are not home. Irritated beyond belief I ask him to send my kids home because I need to speak with them. He continues on with the "why are then in trouble" and of course they aren't in trouble, but I simply let him know it's not his business. So my kids have been playing with this kid for barely 30 mins and apparently the WHOLE TIME he's been BUGGING them if he can come inside our house. WHY is this kid OBSESSED with seeing the INSIDE of my house?? It is nearly IDENTICAL to his??? I was so disturbed that we packed up and left to run errands. And honestly I'm dreading tomorrow because I KNOW he'll be knocking at the door bright and early...guess we'll have to be busy. And thankfully it won't be a lie!

Well I guess it's that time again! My brain could go on and on tonight, but my body and eyeballs are ready for some rest!