Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Summer" is almost over??

How the heck did that happen?? It seems just like last week that the kids were getting out of school!! NOW, they've got only 3 weeks till school starts back up again??!! WHERE did the time go?? This week I got about 80% of their school supplies, so after next week I should be done! ;) That list just went on an on, LOL. Thankfully after spending a small fortune on the supplies I don't have to buy clothes too. Just another reason I LOVE having uniforms!! Kids are staying busy with camp and are loving it! They love the weekly trip to the pool. So far they've gone on one field trip. They spent the day at the Surf Center in Haleiwa, where they BOTH did indeed get on a board and were able to shoot the tube!(with help of course) BUT how cool is THAT!!!
I love our life!!

~So kids learning how to surf, CHECK! I'm thinking hula lessons will be next on my list to mark off!??

As camp wraps up they will be going to the ice skating rink this coming week(who would've thought we'd come all this way just to do that! LOL) and the water park the following week...which they are SUPER excited about! And then BAM-it's time for SCHOOL!! With B gone I am so very thankful that time is flying by, especially with a schedule change that has ADDED to his time. BOOOO!! But I'd be lying if I thought it was something that came as unexpected. Thankfully the kids have been busy enough not to have too many "I miss Daddy" breakdowns, which is good for me because then I end up having an "I miss him" cry-fest right along with them! LOL

We were lucky enough for B to pull into a port, so we were at least able to talk to him. We would've liked to travel and spend time with him, but I couldn't justify spending $$$ just to spend a day or 2 with him, because he was CRAZY busy getting stuff ready for the second leg of their tour. I feel so bad for him. He is just DONE with being at sea. He's so burn out that he really didn't even have the energy to really get out and have fun while in port. Poor guy! ;(
The only thing fueling him now is knowing that we are here waiting for him and that he's ALMOST done!! Helloooo brass ring!! I'd really hoped that the Senior Chief(E8) results would have come out while he was in port, but that is not something we'll be able to experience together now. If it's anything like the last couple of advancments/promotions, I will probably know before he does! LMAO!! BUT, he did tell me that the shore duty job he wanted here at Pearl Harbor IS his...they are just working out who will replace him and when! Could be early as October(that sure would be nice) or early next year. Our one saving grace from the boat keeping him for the deployment is that he's already done 5 yrs at sea!! WHEW!!

Today J started T-ball. He was sort of apprehensive about it at first, but the few days leading up to he became increasingly excited about it. Each morning he kept asking if TODAY was the day he was starting t-ball! It appeared to be a bit unorganized, but once they broke off into groups J began to enjoy it. While I was enjoying watching him do the drills, apart of me was sad that B could not be here to experience it. For whatever reason he was not allowed to be in any organized sports. It wasn't until he was 12 and moved to RI to live with his dad that he finally was able to participate. But because he wasn't able to play year after year and build skills like most boys had been doing, he wasn't able to play very much/well. He didn't want that for his kids. So after I missed the spring baseball sign up, the ONE thing B wanted me to make sure of was to get the kids into SOMETHING. So I jumped on the chance to get him into t-ball! I had tried to get them swim lessons too, but they were all full when I went to register on the 4th day. ~I later learned that they are filled by the 1st day, so I will be jumping on it the first day of the August registration when it opens next week!! L has discovered a love of basketball since being at camp, so I guess she'll be doing that when it starts up in the fall. Not sure what we'll find for her in the mean time!?

Well that's all for now!!