Saturday, July 24, 2010

All good things come to an end while others are far away

Day Camp for the rugrats is over. They SAY they are glad it's over, but I know better. Though one goal was reached, the 'summer' may be over but my sanity(for the most part) is still in tact! Which if you've ever been a single parent is no small feat! LOL No really the kids were the best they've been over the past few summers. They did have a handful 'moments of insanity' but it was NOTHING to what I've experienced during the previous years, thankfully!
School is now just a week away. But only a few days remain until the Open House where we will get to meet the new teachers. We are also asked to bring in the small fortune I spent on school supplies on this day as well. ;-) I hope L gets the 'smart' teacher and not stuck as a peer in one of the bottom tier classes. There are a few kids she'd like to get away from, LOL Plus she was always frustrated because the kids were always behind/not 'getting' it or they were just plain distrupting the class. ~keeping my fingers crossed!
The beginning of school also meant that we would begin our Homecoming preparations for B's return. Though, they(the big wigs) are contemplating keeping the boat out longer! In all my years of being with B, I have never experienced anything like it. I just don't understand why they haven't made the decision whether to keep them out or have them come home on time YET! It REALLY makes is hard to look forward to something, when the you don't even know the 'when'. GRRRR!!! The ONLY thing I do know about the Homecoming is that B will go on leave as soon as they get here! And that's the ONLY silver lining to that cloud. Cause we STILL don't know when he'll be transferring off the boat. Tho in one of the last emails B did say that he was in communication with his detailer and was pressuring him to find a replacement ASAP!!
Tis the life of a submariner....hurry up and wait!!

Kids have now tried mangoes, papaya, cucumbers and Thousand Island dressing. And out of that only J liked the mangoes and cucumbers! So it wasn't a total failure!! Well at least now I have a variety of salad dressings to choose from!