Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Food Revolution

For some time I have been contemplating overhauling our eating habits yet again. Overall, we do eat pretty healthy compared to other people we know but I've grown tired of the kids complaining that they don't like this or that. I'm not a short order cook(I tackled that affliction quite a few years ago LMAO), but my kids NEED to eat more than hot dogs and chicken nuggets!!(they do like more than that but it does seem like that's all they ever ask for) So after mentally preparing myself and the kids for a couple weeks it was time to take the leap! I informed them that we would be trying at least one new food every day.

Day 1: I wanted to start off simple, so we had turkey burgers(which they've been eating for years and LOVE!), corn on the cob and the new editions were a vegetable sampling of carrots, cauliflower and brocoli they could dip in fat free ranch dressing and a salad with the same dressing. L discovered that she now loves cauliflower and J loved EVERYTHING!!! So much that he was more than willing to eat what L didn't as she wasn't too fond of the ranch, so we'll search for another dressing that meets her approval!

Day 2: A new take on an old fave..whole wheat english muffin pizzas with mozzarella and mini turkey pepperoni slices. I thought the kids would love the mini pepperoni slices, but after tasting them right out of the package I was a little apprehensive as they were a bit spicy. Thankfully, the spicy-ness mellowed during the cooking progress which left them asking for more!! We had another salad, only this time it was topped with catalina dressing. Neither of them particularly cared for the catalina. I'm hoping the third times the charm with the next one!

Day 3: On the menu tonight was supposed to be chicken mexican lasagna, spanish rice AND a spinach salad with thousand island dressing, but due to an interruption (click to read) in the middle of finishing dinner I decided not to include the salad as we were just so dang hungry and the food I had plated was getting cold quick! BOTH of the kids ate seconds and thirds I think of the rice. They were not too keen on the lasagna but they at least ate the chicken!! So next time I make it I guess I will set some of the chicken mixture off to the side for the rugrats!

I have to say that thus far I'm SUPER excited that they have liked most of what they've tried, let alone ACTUALLY trying it and not snubbing their noses at it. I guess I should specify that it's L I'm most impressed with. She's been known to turn down food just at the sight or smell. J will at least try it! ;0)

Next we'll be trying: cucumber, green pepper, papaya, mango and MANY other fabulous foods!
Wish us luck!! <3